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Nowadays higher education is available for everybody. Employers count it as a self-evident fact, and it is hard enough to stand out from the other applicants by only one diploma.

So, you have the opportunity, and you are ready to continue your education. Now you should decide: do you want to eepen the knowledge you already acquired or do you want to expand your professional capabilities, acquire new, related professions? After answering these questions you’ll know what to choose: to do post-graduate job or to get second degree.

Post-graduate studies imply that you want to do independent scientific work or you have a penchant for teaching. You choose it if you are to devote yourselves to an in-depth study of a particular problem. Post-graduate study may be the first step in your career as a scientist.

Doing post-graduate job you can follow your specialty or choose close direction. Theoretically, you can try to attend post-graduate school, but only in a few universities it is available to get different qualification. Even if you will settle this problem, passing the necessary exams will be much harder.

The undeniable disadvantages include the amount of post-graduate scholarships, which is about 1500 rubles in month. That is in addition to research activities, which you will have to do on your own and you will also have to earn money for your living. Of course, if you don’t have a favourite uncle, a millionaire. Another disadvantage: unlike the second higher education for admission to post-graduate school you have to pass exams. They are philosophy, foreign language and the chosen specialty.

Let’s talk about pros. They are, as follows: PhD makes an impression on employers, respite from the army, some benefits, the provision of a dorm room, and the most important – the scientific work that develops analytical skills.

Entering to post-graduate school is usually open in late summer or the first half autumn. Pay parking on the set may exercise all year round. If you decide to become a post-graduate student, you can choose from two possibilities: to study at a university or at a research institute. There are a few free places in universities. And the cost of tuition fees can be up to 150 000 rubles per year for full-time and 50 000-60 000 rubles by correspondence.

It will take you three years to do post-graduate study full-time, and four by correspondence. The first year will be similar to the classic semesters in a regular high school: lectures, seminars, tests and exams. The ending of the year will be renting a candidate minimum. But from the second year you will have only one goal – writing the dissertation, your scientific work, which later you will defend to the Higher Attestation Commission. But don’t worry, your thesis will be supervised and you will get help in writing from the scientific adviser, who will appoint you in high school. And another thing: during the study you will have to write and publish at least four scientific articles in specialized journals.

The most important condition for admission to post-graduate school, or to obtain a second higher education is, of course, the presence of the first higher education. But for admission to post-graduate school, you have a master’s degree or to be a specialist. For the second higher education today a bachelor’s degree is enough.

Second higher education is selected by those who want to expand their professional knowledge at the expense of adjacent areas of activity and have more opportunities to develop their careers. For employers, a specialist – a tasty morsel, and they are usually willing to pay for his work with dignity. In Moscow, the salary of the employee with two higher educations is about half or two times higher than that of  those ones who have only one diploma.

There are some people who have for whatever reason, decided to radically change their lives, such as retraining of engineers in the artists, or suddenly realized that their calling is medicine. In this case, the second higher education may be the beginning of a new life.

Let’s talk about cons of the second higher education. It is always paid. If you decide to get a second diploma, get ready to pay – the state will not teach you free for the second time. The cost depends on the university, but in any case you will have to pay at least 30 000-40 000 rubles per semester. Benefits and delay from the army to students getting higher education for the second time, are not supposed. Scholarships are not paid.

There are as follows: pros – the examinations for admission, as a rule, are reduced to only interview on the chosen specialty.

You can come for the second degree at any time, because many universities are now conducting recruitment of students all year-round. Second degree can be obtained in both the public and private institutes, the main thing that they must have a state accreditation. If you drastically alter the activity, be ready for the fact that the number of items that you might to pass the tests again.

The study will take you about three years and a half. Form of training is usually part-time and correspondence. The learning process is the same as in the preparation of the first higher diploma – lectures, tests, term papers and exams. Upon graduation, you will get a diploma. If you have any problems with the visits, then you can return to institute next year with a new flow.

Perhaps, in order to decide where and what you want to study, you should work a couple of years. So, you can gain an experience, understand exactly what knowledge is not enough. After all haste in this matter is a bad assistant. Unhurriedly weigh all pros and cons, because your future is at stake. The choice is yours!

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